Par projektu

We teach German and English and we want to involve our class in a project that will enable our students to interact in two different languages with other cultures.

They will introduce themselves, use all the basics they have learnt in class to communicate with other students.

Our project involves many different activities and the topics would be the following:
- presentation
- family
- hobbies
- food 
- Christmas

It could lead to these realisations:
- create a magazine, a booklet of recipes, exchange letters...


They will be able to easily communicate with the other learners from other countries from all over the world. 
They will be able to explore new cultures via using the foreign language and basic stuructures they have learnt during their language classes.
They will be able to introduce their culture, their tradiions all above that they will be able to talk about themselves without hesistating in using the language.


We want them to be collaborative and innovative while in this project. We will workwith the students between 10 and 12. We want them to encourage their students in writing mails , speaking via interactive portals. 
We want them to be in touch once a week. Our project will being on the first week of October and we want it last till May. Because in this process our newly learned and acquired students will be exploring and learning new things like cultures , other life styles, new hobbies from each other.


We want to make some booklets about traditions, some recipe books the students" own traditional food, photo album consisting of the photographs of the students" own life styles (maybe).